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The digital aftercare for addiction disorders

Funktionalitäten Nachsorge

What coobi has to offer

For Clinics & Aftercare  Facilities


Objective insights

Gain a better understanding of your patients' current condition through objective data insight.


Trends & Crises

Recognise your patient's behaviour patterns and use them to identify crises before a relapse occurs.


Extending the reach

The ability to provide telemedicine care to patients who would not otherwise be able to participate in follow-up care can extend the reach of your facility.

For Patients


Individual Support

Patients receive personalised support at critical moments to effectively prevent relapse.

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Any time, anywhere

Patients receive continuous support regardless of time and place. 


Assistance with implementation

Patients learn a lot of techniques and skills during therapy and aftercare. coobi helps them to put this knowledge into practice at the right time.

The Aftercare Functions

Objektive Datenerhebung und Mustererkennung

Tracking & Trend-recognition

By tracking wearable and smartphone-based data like stress, activity and cravings, we help patients identify unconscious triggers and trends and show them how to improve them.

Scientific Basis

coobi's approach is scientifically sound and based on the latest findings in behavioural addiction research.

Just-in-time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs)

The development of easily accessible addiction treatment methods, such as just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs), is crucial to address the complexity of relapse behaviour. JITAIs provide targeted support at critical moments to recognise relapse risks and promote appropriate coping strategies. They increase the effectiveness of digital interventions by helping users to understand triggering factors and develop better strategies against relapse.


Our approach at coobi integrates novel passive sensing technologies and machine learning models with JITAIs to support those affected on their path to long-term abstinence. Using our ML-models, we will recognise cravings and the increased risk of relapse and intervene at the relevant moments to reduce the relapse rate.

Pilot project for digital rehabilitation aftercare

coobi is launching a pilot project for digital rehabilitation aftercare for addiction disorders. In partnership with several leading clinics, we will systematically test and evaluate the practicality and effectiveness of our digital application under real-life conditions. This collaborative effort aims to refine a digital aftercare solution that improves patient accessibility and streamlines the aftercare process itself.


Our partner clinics will have the opportunity to participate in an innovative solution that will not only increase their aftercare rates, but also improve quality standards with up to 8 KTL points per patient built directly into the application. This proactive approach ensures that we deliver an innovative, efficient service that meets the high standards of modern healthcare.

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The Team behind coobi

Our team at coobi is shaped by personal experience with addiction and combines expertise from the fields of medicine, psychology, IT and health economics.

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