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Cope better with coobi cope.

Measure. Understand. Act.

Find out how you can develop healthier digital habits with coobi cope to counteract your excessive media consumption.

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Three Functions. One App.

Funktionalitäten  coobi cope



Discover your daily stress levels, sleep quality, emotions and mood by checking in and measuring your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). One look at your heart tells you more than you think!



Discover what's really behind your cravings. Find out which triggers and factors such as stress, mood and sleep influence your cravings.



coobi cope is your personal support in developing healthier habits and effective coping mechanisms through strategies, exercises and learning modules.


"My favourite feature of the app is the evening check-in. It makes me re-evaluate my day, which helps me understand the state I am in.”

The App's purpose

Do you struggle with excessive use of: Social media, Streaming, Online-Gaming, Pornography, Online-Shopping, or Online-Gambling? Want to regain control of your online behaviour? Reduce your screen time? But you don't know how?


Then coobi cope is here to support you! Our cutting-edge app is tailor-made for those ready to transform their online habits. It's time to move from media controlling you to you controlling your media behaviour.

At coobi we know: Changing old established habits can be difficult. That is why we built an app that can help you achieve just that! At its core, coobi cope aims to empower you to regain control over your digital habits through a comprehensive suite of tools and insights. By providing daily check-ins, mood and stress assessments, and personalised strategies to manage cravings, coobi cope facilitates a deeper understanding of your digital behaviour patterns.


This understanding enables you to make informed decisions about your online activities, fostering healthier digital habits and promoting overall well-being. coobi cope guides you towards sustainable digital habits that align with your personal goals and values, all delivered in a way that truly cares about your journey to digital wellness.

How it works

The App Functions


Educational Texts

In the modules, users learn everything they need to know about problematic media consumption. Starting with the question of what problematic media consumption is, through to the question of how it can be effectively combated.




Daily exercises are designed to help users apply their new knowledge and learn new coping strategies.


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Behaviour Change


With coobi cope, it is easy for users to keep track of their goals and to record their achievements.


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Journaling is your key to reflection and behaviour change. With targeted questions in guided journaling, you can get right to the heart of what drives your digital habits.

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Discover our first prototype

Our first prototype, coobi cope, gives you an idea of what to expect from coobi. Please note that coobi cope is not a medical device.

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