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Here you can find coobi's latest blog posts, covering a wide range of topics. Enjoy the read!


Breaking Barriers: Confronting the Stigma of Addiction

There is unfortunately often a stigma attached to addiction. Stigma often manifests itself in a negative characterisation of people living with different forms of addiction. In this article, we would like to examine stigma from a number of different angles. We will look at why stigma in relation to addiction is unjustified, how it affects people and how it can be tackled.


Everything you need to know about alcohol dependence: A comprehensive guide

Alcohol dependence, also known as alcohol addiction, is a serious problem that affects many people. Whether you're wondering if you might be affected yourself or are worried about a loved one, this article will provide you with the information you need. We shed light on what problematic alcohol consumption is, where the limit is, what symptoms can occur and what the physical and psychological effects are. You will also find out when alcohol addiction is categorised as such, where you can find help and what family members can do.

Learn how to support your loved ones who struggle with excessive media consumption. Plan non-digital activities, have open conversations and work together to develop strategies that can help them.


Supporting Individuals Struggling with Digital Consumption

When a relative, friend, or partner struggles to control their online behaviour, it can be a challenging time for everyone involved. Excessive use of online gaming, shopping, social media, and other digital media can have profound impacts not only on the individuals directly affected but also on their wider circle. This article aims to provide guidance and support for those looking to help their loved ones manage these challenges together.

How coobi cope can help you reduce your screen time and regain control over your digital habits.


Master Your Media Consumption with coobi cope

Change is possible, and it can be made more accessible. This is the rationale behind coobi cope, an app designed to support those who are struggling to change their digital habits. Whether you're unsure where to start, have attempted change but find yourself repeatedly falling back into old patterns, or have tried various strategies without success, coobi cope offers the support you need. This article will explore what coobi cope is, how it can assist you, and why it's worth trying.

Join our Discord community "coobi's coping tools" to exchange struggles, hopes and goals with likeminded people. Find support, tools and a community feeling so that you no longer feel alone in your journey to recovery.


Discover our Discord Server “coobi’s coping tools”: A Community for Recovery and Support

Learn more about coobi's Discord server: coobi's coping tools. It is an online community for anyone who wishes to reduce their time spent on gaming, social media, pornography, shopping, or whatever other online habits you may have. Our Discord server offers a unique platform for individuals and their loved ones to find support, share experiences, and access valuable resources. Learn more about it in the article!

Social media and online games capture our attention. Here you can find out why it is so difficult to detach yourself from social media and online games and resist them.


Wired In: How Social Media and Online Gaming Affect Your Brain

In our increasingly digital world, the effects of social media and online gaming on the brain have become a topic of significant interest and concern. This blog delves into the complex ways these prevalent activities influence our cognitive and emotional health.

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been proven to help people with a wide range of problems. Find out how they can help you get your digital behaviour back under control.


12-Steps Anonymous, Explained and Applied to Media Addiction

The twelve-step programme has its origins in the Alcoholic Anonymous group. Since its inception, the programme has helped many people with a wide variety of addictions. It is the mixture of a structured yet very flexible approach that inspires people. The programme paves a clear path to recovery while leaving room for personal interpretation and adaptation. It has a holistic approach, focussing on mutual support (community), personal responsibility and spiritual growth. This blend is well received by many of those affected.

Support is perhaps the greatest gift you can give a loved one who is struggling with digital consumption. Find out more about how you can help your loved one.


How You Can Help Loved Ones Who Suffer From Behavioural Addiction

When a relative, friend, or partner is grappling with a behavioural addiction, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time for everyone involved. Behavioural addictions – including, but not exhaustive to, online-gaming addiction, shopping addiction, eating addiction, social media addiction, and pornography addiction – have profound impacts not only on the individuals struggling with them but also on those around them. This article aims to offer guidance and support for those seeking to help their loved ones navigate these challenging waters.

Why is social media so addictive? Why can I not stop playing online games? Find out more in this article.


The Irresistible Allure of Social Media and Online Video Games - Why We Simply Cannot Resist Them

Your eyes are blurry, your mouth is dry, and your bladder has been full for the past hour - yet you cannot put down your smartphone. Why? What makes it so hard to break free from endless scrolling or pause a video game? These are the questions we will explore next. From dopamine rushes to online communities, we will delve into the various factors that lead us to favour online interactions over offline ones.

The lines are blurred when we talk about when social media, online gaming and other forms of digital consumption are too much. Find out how you can tell if you or a loved one's behaviour is still in the normal range or should be reduced, and how you can do this.


Recognise, Understand, Act - An Overview of Media Addiction

Media addiction (also referred to as smartphone-addiction or Internet addiction) describes a condition in which a person is almost always online, finds it extremely difficult to put down the smartphone or computer, and is constantly thinking about surfing the Internet or chatting with people, even when not online. Often, online behaviour takes up such a large part of life that other everyday activities and contact with people is neglected - even if the media addicted person knows that this will have negative consequences. Physical or mental health usually suffer as well.

How you can reduce your screen time is the big question we will explore in this article.


5 Strategies for Cutting Down Your Smartphone Screen Time

We have all been there before: you just want to quickly check your phone, and before you know it, an hour has passed. It can be challenging to resist the temptations of the online world. Fortunately, there are numerous tips and tricks you can use to learn how to reduce your screen time. In the following, we will share the secret of how you can achieve just that!

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